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With people moving their interests and careers to photography and video making, there is a need to have numerous software and tools that can help them with video making and editing. Those who belong to the professional field of video making must be aware of numerous software but here we are going to discuss the finest of all.

Sony Vegas Pro 13


A lot of people still are unaware of its capabilities; which is why there is a need to highlight its perks. Sony Vegas Pro 13 is a timeline based, a powerful editor that is quite easy to use and learn. Being user-friendly is the most important thing when it comes to editing software because the more complicated these tools become the more difficult it becomes for the users to understand it and avail all its advantages.

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Key features

Although all the video editing tools have the same set of features, the difference lies in the performance and options available in each feature. Same is the case here; following are the key features of the tool and each of them is equipped with numerous options and diversities.

  • It has an intuitive user interface.
  • There are various options to create special visual effects including 3D titling and compositing.
  • It allows the user to author DVDs and Blu-ray discs.
  • There are granular controls in the software to make high-quality videos as per the audience demand.
  • There are professional editing tools such as white balance, chroma key, stereoscopic 3Dediting, image stabilizing and masking.
  • Sony Vegas Pro 13 comes with built-in tutorials for the new users so they can understand the features and options of the software in a better way.
  • There are huge stacks of audio and video filters to support the video editing.
  • Sony Vegas supports all the major video formats including HD resolution.
  • This software also has a huge number of sound effects to choose and go with your video.
  • It supports VST plug-ins and a high degree control over sound settings.

Unique feature

A unique feature of the tool is Proxy-first workflow. It allows crews in remote locations to send proxy footage back to their home base for editing with a camera mounted adapter. It is a great tool for the ones who have to work in different locations due to audience requirements. All you require is an internet connection so you can avail the benefits.

Another great tool of the software for technology lovers is the iPad app. You can link Sony Vegas Pro 13 with the app and control drop markers, playback. Also, users will be able to collaborate with other editors that support the application. You can also play back your project and make notes to sync with the desktop. This function makes Sony Vegas Pro 13 a great collaborative tool.


This software was initially designed for professionals like web developers and 3D artists, but with the passage of time, the suite of interaction proved to be a great help for the community.

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How to activate:

In the above links there’s a activation video, watch it to find the activation process.


Creating high definition videos is not a problem with Sony Vegas Pro 13. You can try different features in the trial version and then upgrade to the purchased licensed version to avail full function.

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  • Compatibility


Sony Vegas Pro is one of the biggest names if the world of professional video editing software. People have been using it for a long time to create movies, music videos and TV shows.

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