SData Tool 64GB Free Download (Double USB or SD Card Space)

Do you have a lot of data to be stored and not enough space in your USB or SD Card? We have a solution for you. We are bringing you the ultimate solution for storage problems; SData Tool. SData Tool 64GB is a software that can increase the storage capacity of your SD Card or USB. There are no long processes and technicalities involved, but all this can be done with a single click.

An obvious question to pop up in your mind should be the measure of increase. So, this software will help you double the memory of your USB or SD Card in no time. For instance, if you have a USB of 32GB; using SData Tool v1.0.0 you can increase it to 64GB. Isn’t this amazing? Some users have reported that when they tried to double larger external storage devices the software worked slowly, but it worked. In a few cases, the software might get stuck, but only in quite rare cases or when you have unwanted viruses running in your system.

SData Tool

Download SData Tool 64GB

Supporting operating systems

If you are using a laptop or a computer with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 then you are good to use this tool and double the storage capacity of your memory card or pen drive.

In case, SData Tool v1.0.0 does not work for you, try disconnecting the internet and pause any other activity going on in your system. It will not speed the process but will work without getting stuck.

How to use?

SData Tool 64GB is no rocket science. It is an easy to use the software. All you have to do is to download the exe file and run it on your system. Once you are sure of complete download of the software, open it and select your data to compress the drive.

Next, click the button saying “e-compress now” and the software will compress the data for you so you can store more material in the drive.

You can find tutorials on YouTube as well to guide you through the downloading and running procedure. However, once you will become used to it you won’t find it hard to use. People who have been using this software also refer to it as a space extending software. It is an ultimate tool to double the memory of any external storage device.

SData Tool
  • Speed
  • Interface


The tool is great to double up space for your USD drive, if your USB's storage is full then use this tool to free up space without trashing any previous data.

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