How to update iOS?

How to update iOS?

Updating iOS to the latest version provides you with latest features, updates about security as well as bug fixing. Unfortunately, there is a limit to the features. Not all of them are available to every device and in every region. Before updating your iOS, remember to back-up your device either using iCloud or iTunes. Then go for the updating option. If there is a message that informs you about the availability of the update, tap the installing option.

Plug your mobile phone on the power and also connect it to the internet via Wi-fi. Then tap the settings option, go to the General and then choose software update. Another step is to tap the downloading option and then install it. If you receive a message asking you to remove the app as iOS wanted to have more space for the updates, you can tap to continue or cancel. If you tap the option that says ‘continue’, your apps will be removed but after updates it will be reinstalled. But if you choose to cancel it, learn what to do next.

If you want to update your device at the spot then tap ‘install’. Otherwise you can choose to tap on ‘later’ or choose to install it tonight or maybe remind me later. If you tap ‘install it tonight’ then make sure you have put your device on charge before you sleep so that your device starts to update automatically at night. If device asks about the passcode and you don’t know about it, learn what you can do now.

If there is an error message during a wireless update or you need more space to update it, use iTunes to store your stuff there or you can delete them from your device. Whether you update your device wirelessly or use iTunes, after update your device will have the same free space as it was before.

There are few iOS software updates that don’t work wirelessly. iOS update servers can be prevented by VPN or proxy connections. You can even update your device automatically. To turn on this option, open settings, go to general and then software updates. There will be an option of automatic updates. Tap it and you will have automatic updates of your device’s latest version. You can update your device using iTunes if cannot update it wirelessly. Connect your iOS device to the computer. Make sure to connect your iOS to different Wi-Fi before updating if your computer has hotspot.

You have to install the latest version of iTunes on your PC. Connect your mobile to your PC. Open iTunes and select your mobile. Go to summary and check for updates. Click the download option and then update. Then do the same thing about the passcode. If you know it then enter, otherwise learn what to do. If you see any error or less space message, get help or delete more content from your device. Following all these steps, you can easily update your iOS.