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Organizations that are working in the fields where they have to make a lot of graphs and deal with various statistics are often looking for programs that can give them the best results and near to perfect guidance. GraphPad Prism is a software that simplifies comprehensive curve fitting and data organization. Furthermore, this amazing software combines scientific graphing.

There are many other tools and software that are offering the same features but none of them is as systematic as this one. More than 200,000 from all over the world rely on GraphPad Prism to work on their scientific data.

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Theme of the software

This software was originally designed to assist experimental biologists and drug companies so they could compare the results and outcomes of different experiments. It has been quite useful in medical schools, pharmacology and physiology. Anyone who has used GraphPad Prism reports that is one of the finest software for nonlinear regression. The way it puts up the results and analyses the judgments is quite something for scientists.

How is it better than the rest?

With so many other options related to scientific graphing and nonlinear regression, none of them simplifies curve fitting like Prism. All you have to do is select an equation from the list of commonly used ones and Prism will do the rest of the work on your behalf. It will fit the curve, and display the results very systematically in a table. It also draws the curves on the graph and interpolates the unknown values.

User interface

The look and feel of the software is very simple. Everything is properly navigated. There is a user guide in the software that will help you all along the way. It gives quite understandable statistics, but with numerous advanced fitting options. It reports confidence intervals of the best fit parameters as asymmetrical ranges. It is designed to compare the fits of two equations using Akaike’s Information Criterion, identify outliers and plot residuals. There are other features of the program; such as testing the residuals for normality and differentially weighing data points.

Clinical researches

GraphPad Prism is designed to fulfill all the requirements of clinical researches. Users are able to perform all kinds of basic statistical tests that are commonly used by laboratory experimentation and clinical researches. It offers nonparametric comparisons and contingency table analysis. Survival analysis is also a very basic part of research process which is made easier with GraphPad Prism.

Statistical Help

All kind of statistical help can be taken from within the software. There is a Learn tab in the program that is equipped with GraphPad Prism online documentation based on guidelines. If the user gets stuck at some point or is confused about some feature then they can take guideline from there.

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How to activate:

1: Download and install GraphPad Prism 7 from here.

2: Now download the patch from the above link.

3: Go to installation directory of Prism 7 and copy paste the “patch” file there.

4: Now run the patch and click on patch button on the bottom left of the tool.

5: Run Prism 7 software normally, congrats it is activated now.


There are only a few softwares that come with analysis checklists, GraphPad Prism is a unique one. It tells you about impaired data and independent errors. It may not replace heavy duty statistics program but it assists you all the way through the statistical processes and experiments.

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