Effective social media marketing approach is influenced positively by community management

Effective social media marketing approach is influenced positively by community management

Community management is a crucial factor that set companies apart, either for the worst or the best, no matter how great the company’s content is on social media.

A well-designed community management plan ensures maintaining the brand’s reputation, engaging and entertaining audience as well as keeping an eye open for future opportunities.

Today a community manager has greater responsibility than just responding to comments; they act as an expert, a friend, a customer care representative and sometimes a fellow geek while at the same time being timely and always on the brand.

As a community manager of your business, here are five places to start with.

  1. Honor and award your followers

Social media followers are quite attracted by brands, falling in love with specific products and very often are excited by any new post or updates.

Companies need to find ways to thank and appreciate their fans for the support by more than just liking their comment. One way is to buy 10k instagram followers and gain more audience to show off on social media.

They may use ways to appreciate them free samples or even discounts that show your faithful followers that they are valued and that you care for them as much as they do for you! One example is benefit beauty which regularly engages with its followers.

  1. Identify with your followers

Social media has brought to the front a new idea which merges the difference between person and the brands making it hard to tell whether it’s a brand or a person you are communicating with.

What’s important is that companies focus on how they can deeply connect with communicate with their community with one-to-one conversations. It’s necessary to make your followers know that you are listening to their praise, comments and feedback.

Philz Coffee is a national chain is a reliable source on twitter which quickly answers questions which makes a person feel that his voice is heard.

  1. Be as open and explicit as possible

With increasing popularity of real time and online reviews, companies need to be as transparent as possible revealing most and hiding least of their information. Both negative and positive comments need to be acknowledged and treated equally.

Openly welcome criticism from your followers and let them get in touch offline as it is much better than an unchecked response. By keeping yourself open to your followers, you’ll gain their trust.

One such brand was Nasty Gal who, under bankruptcy, understood that their followers were upset, and they took the approach of being considerate of their customers perspective.

  1. Lead your social space

Apart from the brand leading its area of expertise, it should also become an expert on the people who follow it.  who are professional will tell its followers the way to interact with the brand when called for action.

This could include the hashtag that can be used for re posting, how to build a better content calendar which is user generated based on content reflecting the fans view.

Taking an example, Urban outfitters have efficiently communicated to its followers using the hashtag #UOonU.

  1. Engage dynamically

Today, it is important to act humanly because brands have become more like humans. Just publishing posts and waiting for response is not enough so seeking out conversations is a must like joining chats like twitter chats or engage with followers with relevant content.

Some brands have taken these steps like Hilton suggests (blog by Hilton) converses with followers and shares travel suggestions with people.