Connectify Hotspot Pro 2018 Full Crack with License Key

The Internet has become a basic necessity for all of us. We cannot function without having a fast speed internet because one way or the other we are dependent on it. There are times when you don’t have direct access to the internet and are unable to do a lot of things like send emails or find your way to the nearest hospital.

So, you need someone to share their internet with you so you can connect to it and fulfill your requirement. Connectify Hotspot pro is an application that can help you do so.

It allows your PC to become a Wi-Fi Hotspot so you can use the internet connection of your PC with other devices. This is a tool that helps you use your internet connection on more than one device without having a Wi-Fi device.

The latest version of Connectify Hotspot pro has been upgraded in many ways as per the changing settings in Windows and user interface.

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Download Connectify Hotspot Version 7.3

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Download Connectify Hotspot Version 8

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The 2018 version is extremely easy to understand and even easier to manage. It has an intuitive user interface that makes it easier for the users to manage the connections on your network. Once you download the application and install it successfully; configuration process can be done within a few seconds.

You do not have to worry about the privacy, as the software gives you the choice of selecting a hotspot name, set the password, chose the device you want to connect to and the security mode.

It is not necessary that you have to share your internet every time you connect, but the software provides you with the option of enabling and disabling of the internet sharing.

This means your internet will not be shared without your consent and even when you enable the sharing, there is a need to put in a password to connect. Make sure you chose a unique password in order to avoid intruders.


Connectify Hotspot provides you full control over the devices that are connected to your network. It lets you explore them and know about them.

The application will also tell you about the time duration for which a certain device has been connected to the network, this way you can estimate the internet usage as well. Users will also be able to explore the shared resources from the devices that are paired with your system.

This feature allows you to supervise the activities of the devices connected to your network.


Connectify Hotspot has a friendly user interface. People who are using it already are happy with it and recommend others to go for it as well. According to thousands of reviews, Connectify Hotspot performs well and well protected.

It is easy to understand the features of the application as they are well managed.

Other versions

There are other versions of the application; Pro and Max and may not be compatible with all Windows versions.

They have additional features such as the capacity to share 3G and 4G networks. However, they are a little complicated as compared to Connectify Hotspot version 2018 which is compatible with all Windows versions.

Connectify Hotspot Pro
  • Interface
  • Efficiency
  • Speed


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