Best Mattresses for Side-Sleepers

Best Mattresses for Side-Sleepers

Side sleeping is very popular among people. It not just helps you sleep tight in the night, but it also has some other great benefits. Side sleeping helps in spinal alignment that is both of your arms are aligned to each other and your spine and pelvis are in right position which ultimately helps you with your posture too.

This also decreases the pressure points in your neck area and your lower back. The circulations of gases in and out of the nose is also helped by side-sleeping, especially for the people who have sleep apnea (heavy snoring). People who sleeps on one or the other sides also have healthier hearts.

To be able to enjoy side-sleeping fully, it is very important to spend your money on mattress that give you the luxury of good night’s sleep as well as the comfort for your body. For this purpose, most people chose mattresses that are soft and can cushion their body into a tiny marshmallow. This helps in improving your body alignment too.

However, people with a little more of a body weight use firmer mattresses to make sure that their body lies straight in it and it avoids for them to sink in.

Other than that, the material used in mattress also plays a very important role in supporting your body while you sleep. So choosing the right kind of mattress is very important. There are so many good options of mattress for side-sleepers but here we are going to discuss only 2 of them.

  1. Nectar Mattress

Nectar mattress comes in-between the firm and soft mattress. It is a very good mattress for a long range of people weighing from medium to heavy weights. It has two layers, gel memory foam and standard memory foam which makes it the best mate to cuddle with.

It remains cool for and does not catch heat rapidly because of it porous cotton cover. Because of these covers the isolation keep transferring. It is a very good mattress for the people who suffer from back pain because of the consistency of its foam.

  1. Layla

Layla is one mattress that provides you with “two in one” facility. This mattress has different firmness on each side which gives the user the option of choosing according to their need at times. Layla Mattress because of its different firmness on both sides is most suitable for people ranging from light weight to heavy weight. The firmness of both sides is as follows:

One – medium sized (4 on the 1-10 firmness scale)

Two – 7 on the 1-10 firmness scale

Both layers consist of copper memory foam layers. These layers help in improving side alignment and they also reduce pressure points while sleeping. It also reduces the effects of motion-transfer (that is your motion is not disturbed while the other person moves on the bed) and noise.


The following two options are the best options for a good night’s sleep of a side-sleeper. So before its too late, go and get a your mattress.