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Surfing on the internet and working on a very important project are quite closely related things. For the purpose of research and analysis, you have to visit a number of websites, open numerous links and go for one page to the other in a short time. All of this seems very easy and convenient, but surfing on the internet becomes very time to consume and hectic when you have to come across a lot of advertisement from different websites, products, and services.

Adguard Protection

Seeing ads popping from different parts of the screen is very annoying; consider reading something important and then all of a sudden you see an ad of a shopping website. Not only it’s annoying but distracting as well – who hates shopping? Weak hearted people might forget what they were working on and go on admiring stuff on the shopping website.

Well, we have a solution to it. The software we are going to review today will help you block all the unnecessary and unwanted ads so you can do your work with complete concentration and attention. Adguard deals with all the exasperating banners, pop-up and video ads once and for all. You can use it on your phone and PC or laptop as well. For the phone it serves the purpose of ad blocker however for Windows it is much more than just an ad blocker program.

What does it do?

When you install this software on your phone, it will block all the unnecessary ads that you see while watching interesting YouTube videos. However, on a PC, it not only blocks ads but also blocks dangerous websites such as porn and other personality destructive links. There is a child lock option in the program so you can make sure that your kids won’t come across an undesirable page. Also, Adguard speeds up the page loading.

Adguard 6.1

There is no fear of hacking. Also, it leads to browsing security. If somehow you click on a link with a malware or any other kind of virus, Adguard will deal with it and prevent it from damaging your system, users can avoid all fraudulent and phishing websites. All you have to do it download it run on your system. It will do the rest on its own; you will not have to mess with the settings and other complexities.

Reason of fame

There are many other ad blocking program and tools but this one got famous because it comes with parental control. There are only a few programs that prevent your kids from accessing adult or inappropriate content, and the ones that have this option have weak security. Child lock can be broken easily using a proxy server. But, the restriction that comes with Adguard is strong and not at all easy to break.

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People have used this tool on their phones as well as their PC and are highly appreciative towards the design and features of the tool. They say that they have not found anything so convenient and promising. Adguard is a paid tool but they usually offer occasional discounts on new and existing licenses.

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Adguard can also be referred as a privacy protector. It hides your data from the multitude of trackers and activity analyzers that swarm the web. This way you, your data and your system are protected from all security threats.

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