5 Facts to Know About Maria Victoria Henao

5 Facts to Know About Maria Victoria Henao

Maria Victoria Henao is widely known as the wife of most terrified drug lord of the world, Pablo Escobar. He was a cocaine dealer who lived most of his life secretly as most of the people don’t know about his wife and children. She always away from the media attention and lived her own life when her husband was alive. But the death of her husband came with a lot of troubles and miseries in her life.

Her husband shot dead by police in 1993 as he was responsible for 3000 killing of people and terrorist activities. On contrary, he was a caring father and loving husband despite his extra-marital affairs. The couple had two kids when he died that created a huge gap in the life of the Escobar family. In this post, we will discuss some unknown facts from the life of Maria Henao after the loss of Pablo Escobar.

Life before her marriage to Pablo

Maria Henao was born to Carlos Henao and L. Zuleta in 1961. She was Columbian by birth and spent her early life in DEL Cauca. She met with Escobar when she was at her tender age 13 years old. The couple fell in love with each other. They decided to get married but the father of Maria was not agreed for their marriage due to the low social status of Pablo Escobar.

Pablo Escobar and Maria Marriage

The duo fled away and tied the knot in 1976. Maria was just 15 years old while Pablo was 24 years old when the couple got married. Maria’s brother was the pal of Pablo and also a member of his small drug empire. Pablo had affairs with a lot of women but Maria stayed by his side thought her life.

Pablo used to spend his time outside his home due to his drug smuggling business. The close sources of Maria Victoria Henao said that she went into depression and used to listen to sad Columbian songs. She also felt the absence of her husband. Pablo’s affairs were well known and well documented and he continued his habit of disloyalty until his death in 1993.

Life of Maria after the loss of Pablo

The death of Pablo changed the life of Maria and his children as they were under the radar of his foes that led them to flee from Columbia. But no country was willing to give them asylum. After much strive, they managed to enter Mozambican and allowed to stay here for some time. Later, they got a tourist visa to Argentina in 1994. The family changed their names to evade any trouble but Argentinian authorities got the information about Escobar family in 1999.

Present life:

The Escobar family forged their identity when they were moving to Argentina. Maria kept her life low profile during her stay in Argentina but she was arrested with her son for money laundering in 1999.


Maria Victoria Henao is currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She got the nationality of Argentina after some years. She is running her business nowadays. Leave a comment and let us know how do you analyze the life of Maria Henao?