Teracopy Pro 3.2.1 License Key and crack 2017

Copying files from one folder to the other and from one drive to an external source is a routine task. We often have to give presentations in front of a board but cannot always take our system along, which is why there is a need to transfer the data to a flash drive or an external hard drive. The files we transfer are of different sizes and the time they consume to transfer depends on the speed of your system, health of your system along with the size of the file. The World is a fast moving place, which is why you need to keep pace with the fast moving time and people. With the increasing requirements of professional and personal tasks, there was a need for a tool which could assist the file transfer procedure and help complete the task in a short period of time.


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Teracopy Pro is a software that speeds up the file transfer process so you can do your work fast and efficient. It is designed in a unique way that enables it to move the files at the maximum possible speed without causing any loss of the data.

How does it work?

The developers and designers of the software understand the importance of time which is why they have used distinctive techniques at the back end. Teracopy Pro adjusts the buffers during the file transfer process to reduce seek time. The whole software is based on asynchronous copying technique that speeds up the transfer between two or more physical drives.

Key features

There is yet more to come your way in this software. Teracopy Pro does much more than just copying the files from one place to the other. Here are the assisted features of the tool that collectively lead to safe and successful movement of files.

There is a pause and resume feature in the software. You can pause the transfer if you are low on battery and resume later when your laptop is charged. This can be done without losing any data and the hassle of going all over again.

Teracopy Pro comes with a file recovery feature. If the files you are working on have any error or are infected with the virus; it will resolve the issue and continue with the transfer. In the worst case scenario, the software will skip the faulty file without terminating the whole transfer.

At the end of the process, the software will provide you with the list of all the files that were not copied due to any kind of error. It will help you fix the problem and then recopy the files whenever you want.

There is also a feature of file verification that all the files that were to be copied have reached the assigned destination. This is done by comparing the source hashes and target files.

You will find the history of all the transfers made recently and all the folders you have visited recently for the purpose of file sharing. It is a good way to ensure that you are not copying anything accidentally.

It has the trust of Digital Evidence & Forensic Toolkit which marks its authenticity and functionality.

TeraCopy 2

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There are only a few tools that come with so many assisted features as this one. With history keeping and being able to resume and pause the transfer, Teracopy Pro is the finest in the market.

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