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FRAPS is a screen capturing and screen recording software for Windows. It is developed by a renowned software developing company Beepa. The word FRAPS is derived from frames per second, which means that it is designed to capture the screen using OpenGL and DirectX. It is preferable software for PC games. There are many other softwares of the same kind, but this is perhaps the best-known game recording software.

FRAPS is designed to perform three main tasks, that will be discussed in the later parts of the review.

  1. Benchmarking software
  2. Screen capture software
  3. Real-time video capture software

Benchmarking software

With this feature of the software, users will be able to see the number of Frames per Second that they are getting. This is viewable in a corner of the screen. Also, users will be able to perform custom benchmarks and measure the frame rate between any two recording points. There is also an option to save the statistics out to disk and use them for reviews and applications.

Screen capture software

Capturing the screen is no biggie with this tool. In other tools and software you have to press print screen and then copy on paint, but here you can capture the screen in a single click. All your captures are names and time stamped automatically.



Real-time video capture software

It is really amazing when you can flaunt your amazing gaming skills in front of your friends, but wouldn’t it be better if you could prove it to them by showing them the recording? Well, with FRAPS you can record your gameplay like never before. This software is really cool as it can capture audio and video up to 1152×864 and 100 frames per second.

Other Screen Recorder:

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FRAPS is designed to fulfill the requirements of a proprietary and commercial software. There are a few limitations in the free version but still, the functions are worth it. In the free version, users will be able to frame rate display and benchmarking and video capturing. But, there is a limit of the recording time and format type. In the full and paid version of the software, there are more options for the format and resolution along with the leverage for recording time.


Currently, FRAPS is running on the version 3.5.0 which was launched in 2003. However, no new versions have been launched ever since 3.5.99. The designers have not announced anything nor there were any rumors about it.

System compatibility

FRAPS works with Windows Vista and DirectX 10 games. it is also compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit) and Windows 10 (64-bit).

Another advantage of this software is that it is available in different languages, so if you are from some part of the world where English is not a common language you still can enjoy the perks of FRAPS and won’t face any difficulty understanding it.

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Some people complain that FRAPS may effect in-game performance as compared to other softwares of the same kind, but it is not applicable to all games and support systems. However, FRAPS yet is a preferable capture tool for gaming lovers.

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