Steinberg Cubase 8 and 9 Pro full version crack [Download via Torrent]

Steinberg Cubase has been a well-known part of the music industry. They have successfully introduced Ultra flexible recording environment for music lovers. Before they started focusing on Mac devices and PCs, they worked for Atari ST. However; the latest version of the software Cubase is a powerful tool for MIDI composition with virtual synthesizers. It is one of the finest audio and post-production tools with numerous features and options.

Mixing console

The latest version of Cubase has a new mixing console. All you have to do it set it up with a big monitor and get most out of its never ending features and composition options.

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Features of the tool

Cubase is a 64-bit application that is fully equipped with large sample libraries. It has a relative consistency when it comes to audio drivers and plug-ins. Over the years, people have been using different versions of the software, but all of them are compatible with the latest gadgets and systems. Furthermore, the tool is also compatible with third-party hardware and software as well.

During play, you can do anything related to editing. You can switch between the editing tool, delete notes and also adjust them for better tone.

Cubase in action

The inspector feature offers length, quantize, transpose and other useful tools that are much easier to access in comparison to the competing sequencers. MIDI control data and volume edits are easily accessible at the bottom of the screen.

Moreover, the transport bar is completely customizable. Individual modules can be altered. Chord progressions can be worked out and put together with the Harmony tool. Playing in, laying down, editing and arranging MIDI clips with Cubase is very convenient by switching between cursor tools and number keys.

Users can also turn scrolling during playback on and off; also stop the view from scrolling for editing. There are a lot of intuitive things you can do to a note. The best part about the tool is the addition of numerous notions. There is no need to use a separate notion program when you are using Cubase. Users will enjoy recording and mix audio from live instruments and virtual plug-ins.

The control room of the software allows distribution of sound to different musicians with the support of almost four studio sends. There are many other tools in the program like Comp Tool, vocal edits, and collaboration tools that can be used for music composition. There is also a virtual analog synthesizer with 12 filter types and 8 voices. It has a basic effects section as well with 300 presents and uncountable thick pads.

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Protection scheme

The protection scheme of the software is a bit of a hassle. Plug-ins require USB dongle protection including various industry standards which is why you may end up with at least 2 USB keys. It is not a favorable situation for most of the users. A laptop has two ports, but MacBook Pro doesn’t. So, this can be a little annoying for Cubase users.


Cubase is professionally used software for music composition. There are many things that you can do to play with different musical tones and bring out the best for music lovers.

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The software is equipped with strong MIDI roots which is quite evident from the beginning. The Key Editor of Cubase is amazing; with lots of options, you get to play with music and make preferable amendments.

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